Vending Solutions
Client Vending Solutions
Category Paid Digital Media
Year 2021+

This client is one of the UK's leading providers in vending solutions. We were tasked to increase brand awareness and generate leads for their business. The challenge was to target different demographics and deliver tailored messaging to each audience, using a strategic approach and optimising the campaign for maximum results.


To achieve our objectives, we devised a multi-channel strategy using Facebook lead generation and website traffic ads, along with Google Ads platform. We targeted decision makers at businesses of a certain size, catering managers at schools, managers of local leisure centres, gyms, and community centres.

We employed a messaging matrix and dynamic creative optimisation technique to create different messaging for each audience. We also used seasonal/different messaging to further increase performance. This approach helped us to capture the attention of potential leads and deliver the message in a way that resonated with each target demographic.


We implemented our strategy by setting up Facebook lead generation and website traffic ads; utilising prospecting interest & demographic targeting along with custom audiences & website retargeting strategies. We used the Google Ads platform to target a lower funnel, in-market audience, and created tailored messaging to each ad group.

Across both channels, we used a combination of ad formats, such as image, video, and carousel ads, to showcase the company's vending solutions and highlight their USPs.

We tracked the performance of the campaign using data analytics and made adjustments where necessary. By constantly optimising this campaign, we increased its reach and engagement generating high-quality, cost effective leads.


Our initial campaign for this client was successful, generating over 1,500 leads at a CPA of £2.50 or less, during an initial three-month period. The client was satisfied with the results and retained us for digital paid media management.

Our campaign helped to increase their revenue and market share, as well as raise awareness of their business. The success of the campaign also demonstrated the importance of tailoring messaging to specific demographics and using a multi-channel approach to reach a wider audience.

Since running this activity, we have generated over 3,500 leads for this client.