Payroll Provider
Client Payroll Provider
Category Paid Digital Media
Year 2023+

Our client provides payroll management services and approached us to increase their leads and raise brand awareness. The challenge was to target their desired audience and generate high-quality leads using a cost-effective approach.

Strategy & Execution

We recommended implementing a Google Ads campaign to target the client's desired audience and to take competitor market share.

We researched and identified relevant keywords and created ad copy that conveyed the client's unique selling points. We also utilised Performance Max as well as Search Ads which increased reach and optimised performance. 

We implemented tracking and analytics to measure the campaign's performance and to make informed decisions based on the data. All data was fed into a bespoke client dashboard using Google Data Studio, for live reporting & visibility.


Our initial campaign was successful, generating over 106 leads and over 102 phone calls during the campaign period. We were able to reduce the client's cost per lead, and they were pleased with the high-quality leads generated. Our tracking and analytics allowed us to measure the campaign's success and make informed decisions on how to optimise and provide further success.

The campaign helped the client increase their brand awareness and generated a significant number of leads for their business. Our approach, including the implementation of tracking and analytics, allowed us to measure the campaign's success and make data-driven decisions that delivered effective results.