Outdoor advertising tips for small businesses

Outdoor advertising tips for small businesses

Outdoor advertising is a great way to reach people in public places. It builds brand awareness and reputation.

Below are our top tips to help small businesses like yours succeed on outdoor formats. 

Choose the right location

You need to choose the right location for outdoor advertising. If you advertise in areas where there are lots of people and you know your audience is there, you will likely see more sales and a more positive ROI. However, if you place your ads in low traffic areas, you might not see much return.

Create a great message

A good message is essential when creating an outdoor campaign. It should be clear, concise, and compelling. Make sure that your message is relevant to your product or service. Content that creates an impact usually works well. 

Design a good ad

There are several ways to design a good outdoor advertisement. First, make sure that your message is clear and easy to understand. Second, use simple language and avoid jargon. Third, make sure that your ad has a strong visual appeal. Finally, consider using a catchy slogan or tagline.

Promote your ads

Once you have designed your outdoor ads and they are live, you can promote them! You can advertise through PR, social media and more. This is a great way of amplifying your outdoor campaign and creating online engagement from it. 

Measure Results

One of the biggest challenges with outdoor advertising is measuring results. It’s easy to see when you’ve spent money on a campaign, but it’s much harder to measure whether or not it was worth it. To help you track your success, use Google Analytics to analyse your website traffic and conversions. This will give you insight into how well your ads are performing.

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