Paid Digital Media.

Paid media is one way businesses can advertise their product or services through digital channels such as social media networks, websites, search engines and streaming platforms!

Paid media can be an effective opportunity to expand your brand reach, get more clicks, and generate more valuable traffic, driving revenue for you.

At S. the agency, our paid digital media experts will strategise the correct channels for you, along with messaging, to ensure we are targeting your key customers, providing you growth in both market share and revenue.

Social Media.

Our social media packages are curated to inspire and generate brand awareness and sales utilising both creativity and growth and the forefront of all content.

We take a unique approach towards your traditional social media strategy, ensuring that we are able to maximise on your brands long term growth, in comparison to the short-term rewards of increased social media engagements.

Whether your objective is to reliably target new audiences, or meet the latest industry trends, we will be able to accommodate to your industry’s requirements offering diversity and creativity to stand out from competitors.

Website Design.

At S. the agency we ensure that the mission of your brand is correctly captured via your website. 

A captivating and user friendly website is crucial for your brands reputation. All of our websites are designed to capture these elements in the best tone for your audience.

We provide all of our clients with a unique canvas, founded on visually appealing content and designs that can effectively communicate your brands journey as well as the services you offer.


Broaden your brand exposure, through the use of a creative outdoor formats positioned in the most beneficial locations relevant to your target audience.

Our team of media specialists are fully experienced with selecting the correct geographical locations for your brand, handpicking the sites that will get your message in front of your audience on their daily commute.

Out Of Home offers great brand awareness and subconsciously sits within your consumers mind. People who see an OOH campaign are 17% more likely to engage with the brand on their mobile.


At S. the agency we understand how important it is for TV campaigns to reach the right audiences at the required times.

We have formulated a team of growth TV partners, who are capable of delivering an optimisable strategy ensuring we capture your audiences attention in the most efficient way possible.

Radio &
Digital Audio.

Expand on your brands full potential, through the incorporation of Radio & Digital Audio Ads; increasing your creative abilities by engaging with your audience through the ever changing landscape of audio.

Capturing your audiences attention whilst listening to their favourite playlist or podcast can drive further engagement, exposure as well as contextual relevancy to your brand. 


Branding &

As growth marketing partners, we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box to solve brands problems. Robust research is carried out to ensure we align creative messaging with media channels to ensure the campaign is executed correctly from start to finish.

 The correct creative execution will enable you to express the objectives and notions of your brand in a meaningful and engaging way.

At S. the agency we have a passion for making compelling content which delivers valuable outcomes for the longevity of your brand.


We deliver print campaigns situated in the best publications for your brand, offering you the support to gain valuable coverage on your campaigns and brand identity.

Whether that be through magazine and newspaper or direct mail we deliver a tailored message through memorable engaging content.


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