Our monthly calendars are always busy here at S. the agency, helping us to find further inspiration on how we can sufficiently enhance your marketing campaigns. With March and February being very productive months for us, we thought that it was only right that we give you a brief snippet into some of our most favourite S. the agency highlights so far!

Content Days

D.I. Blow Opticians

D.I. Blow Opticians is one of our lovely clients here at S. the agency. They are a family run optician’s which are home to some of the most well-appointed eyewear products and services in the UK.

We have been working closely with D.I. Blow Opticians to build them an online presence, grow brand awareness & sales – of which all starts with having great content!

We had a great day with everyone at the opticians, from meeting optometrists & dispensers in the shops, to everyone who makes things happen in their head office! (Including learning how glasses are made)

Make sure you’re following their social pages to keep up to date on everything going on!


Simply Enhanced Aesthetics & Academy

Simply Enhanced is an aesthetics practice & training academy who reached out to us to create them a new website in order to showcase their training academy, as well as strategise a content day for them in order to capture everything they do, from treatments to training. 

We will continue to partner with Simply Enhanced in the upcoming months, where we will be delivering them an advertising campaign to build their brand awareness and enquiries for treatments and their masterclass courses.

Media News & Insights

Channel 4 x Elf Cosmetics

Channel 4.0, Channel 4’s new digital-first brand for YouTube, has signed its first branded deal with e.l.f. Cosmetics, the US’s Number 1 favourite teen cosmetics brand.

Since its launch in October 2022, Channel 4.0 has commissioned 16 series, with a new slate announcement to come. Its shows feature culture lead talent including Chunkz, Nella Rose, Mist, Harry Pinero and Alhan. Big Smoke Corporation, founded by the multi award-winning artist, Joseph Adenuga aka Skepta were launch consultants for Channel 4.0, providing talent insight and strategic vision to ensure young audiences are authentically engaged and excited about the channel.

4.0 is a channel launch rooted in British youth culture and has got off to an incredible start. At S.the agency we are excited to see the authentic content that lands with young audiences that 4.0 and e.l.f create and what other brand partnerships come from this.

Channel 4 x Xandr

Channel 4 recently announced that they will be expanding their digital ad-buying suites with Xander. Pronouncing themselves as the first UK broadcasters to supply brands with the opportunity to use Xandr as an automated ad buying service. Xandr is a well-known advertising and analytics subsidiary of Microsoft, a platform which is designed to support buyers and sellers with advertising solutions and support. Channel 4’s decision to collaborate with Xandr is a great opportunity that will enable brands to be able to employ innovative services within their strategy, to deliver more bespoke digital campaigns. 

Channel 4’s recent efforts to strive towards greater digital innovation are also an inspirational journey that we are excited to witness here at S. the agency. The public broadcast platform has since introduced their Furture4 strategy with the ambitions to increase all All 4 viewing services by 2025, upsurge 30% of their total revenue into digital advertising and to reduce all non-advertising services to at least 10% of their total revenue by the year 2025.

Lemon 8 Launch

The parent company of TikTok ByteDance, have announced the arrival of a new app called Lemon 8 in the U.S and UK. The app is solely content based, displaying its users to discover unique and diverse content in one singular space. The app is similar to the likes of Instagram and Pinterest, allowing its consumers to find content based on categories of interests, topics and trends. Lemon 8 utilises e-commerce strategies that combine social media and shopping, allowing its users to browse and buy products from various brands. The app also features a gamification element, enabling users to earn points for engaging with content and making purchases.

The launch of Lemon 8 by ByteDance represents an exciting new development in the e-commerce space. By combining social media, AI technology, and a focus on sustainability, the app offers a unique and engaging shopping experience for users. As ByteDance expands the app to new markets, it will be interesting to see how it competes with established e-commerce giants and carves out its own niche within the industry.

Growth Marketing Tactics for Brands in 2023

We want to share with you the importance of implementing growth tactics to your strategies. When it comes to building a successful brand or business, there are a lot of factors to consider to ensure that your brand can sufficiently maintain long-term growth. 

In this blog post here, we explored what growth tactics are, why they’re important to you and your brand, and how you can necessarily implement them to help your brand grow. 

Read the full article here!


The Gen Z Club

The Gen Z Club is a community which was founded in 2021 to support and inspire young entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, due to a shortage of resources that are available for young business owners.

We attend one of their networking events in Birmingham, hosted by Denzil Jones, Austin Okolo and Poku Banks – an event that was solely focused on teaching young entrepreneurs the most effective strategies to build a six-figure brand.

The event had an incredible panel line up with Tru Powell, a multi award-winning creative and entrepreneur, making a guest appearance to discuss how the Gen Z community can effectively strengthen their own personal brands. 

We are in full support of the Gen Z Club’s mission to develop and inspire the younger generation, and we are especially excited to see what else the future holds for them.

Other News

Telford Council – Grant

One of our company directors Sam Deakin, was successfully awarded with a grant by Telford Council, to support the investments of new equipment for further productivity and growth of S. the agency. 

We are proud of Sam for winning this grant, and we hope to see many more achievements like this in the near future!