With rising inflation rates and increasing costs for everyday items, businesses are now facing tighter budgets, and TV advertising is one of the most challenging, however, we believe it is still important to highlight that TV advertising manages to consistently outperform other forms of advertising and is still the strongest media channel to utilise for return on investment. (Source: Equibity)

It is essential that your brand is looking for areas where you can sufficiently trim operating costs without sacrificing the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns & Connected TV and Video on Demand are cost-effective solutions that brands can incorporate within their ad strategies, to reduce TV advertising spends but maintain effectiveness.

Connected TV and Video On Demand provide more efficient ways of targeting as well as stronger data and analytics ensuring we are reaching the ideal consumers more effectively through optimisation.

Many smaller brands have a perception that TV advertising budgets need to be huge to find a return on investment but with these new ways to reach audiences, budgets aren’t as intimidating as they once were.

At S. the agency, we create bespoke strategies that will enable you to spread marketing costs more efficiently. The opportunities we offer our clients are tailored exclusively towards the client’s needs, helping you to save and invest into smarter advertising.